is founded by teachers and school leaders, who are familiar with the challenges of meaningful and sustainable professional development. Those common challenges are:

  • finding the right courses and experiences for all faculty
  • making the time to participate in the right course 
  • waiting a year or more for the right course to become available
  • tolerating an unsatisfactory outcome following the course

Therefore, a group of teachers, school leaders and programmers have joined forces to create an online development platform where teachers and educators are able to seek knowledge anytime, anywhere.

Our mission…

…is to make professional development easier for all teachers and educators

We know that students are adversely affected by the absence of their teachers and educators – especially when those faculty members are assigned to expensive, extended, and exhausting off-site trainings not particularly designed for them and their own needs. Therefore, LearnUp provides a streamlined process for achieving widespread competence development for pedagogical staff nationwide. LearnUp enables on-demand educational services for professional educators, making the latest knowledge, the best practices, and the most relevant research available to all.